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Post PicOne of the most important things to consider when choosing an assisted living residence is the quality of people who will serve you. Just as your family makes your house a home, our family of dedicated professionals makes Walton Place a place where you feel loved and wanted.

    • Indeed, the day-to-day interaction of our staff and residents is consistently the number one reason residents and families list for choosing our residence.

      Whether it's a care attendant stopping by the hospital on the way home to check on an ill resident, a cook adding some extra flair to a dessert, a housekeeper reporting a letting plant or the Executive Director calling a resident's loved one to share a moment of joy, our commitment to serving you and your family is passionate and consistent.

      Regardless of the role a team member plays in the successful lifestyle we offer our residents, rest assured he or she delivers with a trained hand and a servant's heart. We encourage you to ask questions of and about our team. We think they are truly our defining difference.

      Every team member at Walton Place meets the federal and state guidelines required for their position. This includes a criminal background check, naturalization check, communicable disease screening and specific training and certification as required. We also conduct drug screening as part of our hiring process. Once chosen, a Walton Place team member receives both "classroom" and "hands-on" training with a mentor prior to providing individual care to our residents.

      Peace of mind, such an important component of the lifestyle we offer, comes from knowing our family is ready to serve yours on a daily basis. We encourage you to shake hands and enjoy our team members' smiles as you visit. We think you'll agree they provide the reassurance you need as you consider this choice.


Walton Place Assisted Living Facility
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Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Phone: (844) 722-9600

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